Origins of Holiday Shopping and Black Friday

Everyone likes to shop for presents for the holiday season but few people know the history of holiday shopping. While most people will have heard of Black Friday most will not know its actual origins or when the term was first used. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving - the day that many will commonly associate with the first day of the holiday season.

On Black Friday most retail outlets will open their doors incredibly early - some as early as 4am. In addition to this they will also provide their customers with massive discounts on products. With this in mind it is clear to see why so many shoppers will go out of their way to buy many of their Christmas gifts on Black Friday.

Black Friday Begins

Black Friday is not as old as many people might believe, in fact it was thought that the first Black Friday was held in the 1970s. It was a day when retailers decided to mark the start of the holiday season by offering discounts to their customers. In the history of holiday shopping many stores invest in a lot of promotional dollars in order to draw customers through their doors on this day. This was a large success and resulted in the name Black Friday as most stores, thanks to their sales, were in the black in financial terms.

However it was not until around 2002 that Black Friday really started to gain in popularity. Today there are countless advertisers around the USA which proudly announce their Black Friday sales in the hopes that they can lure shoppers into their stores.

It's interesting to note that even though Black Friday is a day when many shoppers in the USA will go out and buy gifts, Christmas Eve is still a more popular day to shop.

Thanks to the internet it is now possible to get some excellent Black Friday deals online. So if you are not in the mood to get to the stores by 4.00am this is the perfect way to still get reduced priced items.

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